U9: Notice Board
March 12, 2020
SHA Memorandum Hockey Canada Decision in Response to Coronavirus
On behalf of the Saskatchewan Hockey Association Board of Directors I would like to advise the SHA membership of the decision of Hockey Canada to cancel all Hockey Canada sanctioned activities, including National Championships, until further notice, effective Friday March 13, 2020. The past few weeks have been difficult as we witness the world react and address the Coronavirus (COVID-19). We agree with Hockey Canada that the health and safety of everyone connected to all sports is what our focus needs to be at this time. Therefore, all sanctioned activities within the Saskatchewan Hockey Association must seize for the remainder of the season as of tomorrow, Friday March 13, 2020. Saskatchewan Hockey Association programming in the areas or SHA Provincial Playoffs, Sask First Female Futures, Sask First Female Jamborees, Sask First Female and Sask First Midget Tournaments are officially cancelled. The SHA staff will make the appropriate refunds to families registered for those programs. There will be plans made for those programs that extend into next season and the selection and evaluation of Provincial Teams however, as we hope you can appreciate, it will take some time to determine how those plans look like given the worlds landscape today. This is not a decision that was made lightly; however, the health and safety of everyone connected to our sport was paramount in the decision-making process. Thank you
March 8, 2020
Three Team Tie breaker
Three or More Teams Tied: NOTE: The three–team tiebreaker is used to determine the seeding of the three tied teams. If any step in the tiebreaker only seeds one team, that team assumes that position. The Three–team tiebreaker will continue to determine the seeding of the two remaining teams. At no time will teams using this formula go back to the two–team tiebreaker. If three teams or more are tied, the point record established in the games among the tied teams only will be used as the first tie breaking formula in deciding which team(s) shall advance, provided they played an equal number of games against one another. i) The team with the most wins (among tied teams), in ALL games, would gain the highest position. ii) If teams are still tied after I) has been applied then the team with the best goal average gains the highest position. NOTE: All games are included. NOTE: A maximum of seven (7) goal difference per game will be used in the calculation of the game ratio. This will be calculated from the actual “goals for” of the losing team in the particular game. Example: For = 10 Against = 4 Goals Percentage: Total Goals For 10 = 10 =.714 (Total Goals For + (10 + 4) 14 Total Goals against) NOTE: The highest percentage gains the highest position(s) The exercise of ii) establishes the team or teams with the highest position(s) by percentage. These team(s) will advance. If there are still teams tied, they go to the next step. They do not go back to the “Two Team Tiebreaker”
February 26, 2020
Consolation Playoffs
Game 1 #7Balcarres Bronx vs #10Indian Head Green March 14 10am/ Game 2 #8Balcarres Broncs vs #9Ituna/Kelliher Avalanche March 14 12pm/ Game 3 Loser game 1 vs Loser game 2 March 14 2pm/ Game 4 Winner game 1 vs Winner game 2 March 14 4pm/ Game 5 Winner game 4 vs Loser game 3 March 15 10am/ Game 6 Winner game 3 vs Winner game 5 March 15 1pm
January 16, 2020
Indian Head Atom Ryan Mclean 3 games (1 game for last 10min, 2 games for 9.2a) Jan 16, 2020
January 16, 2020
Fort Qu'Appelle Peewee #27 Tennor Greene Indefinite pending SHA investigation. Jan 16, 2020
October 26, 2018
All staff on the bench must be on game sheet.